30 November 2012 pukul 1:19 pm | Ditulis dalam lain - lain | Tinggalkan komentar

I’m happy to remember the good times
moment with you ..
Although eventually I’m going to cry ..
When I realized the fact that I now have
miss you ..

In frustration I always miss you ..
Pangs of pain in my heart is still
love you ..
If I could choose ..
Takan I choose a way of life like this ..
I want to always be happy ..
Like when you’re still with me ..

If I could ask for ..
I cold longer with you .. Because I really love you ..
And still love you ..
But now my love has swathed the disappointment ..
And pain when my da hearts kmu

Now I’ve gone away from you ..
Removing all the flavors in my heart ..
And stop expecting you ..
Because you never want to understand the
I feel ..
But guess Rinduku you ..
Still always haunted and will not go away ..
that makes me weak and unable to
forget you ..

Maybe this is the reward for my love ..
In the silence I have to enjoy the taste perihku
itself ..
And I can only hope ..
Happiness is up to me ..
Someday ..
I love you


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