30 November 2012 pukul 1:16 pm | Ditulis dalam lain - lain | Tinggalkan komentar

Dad …
Memories of you always in my heart
I always remember the journey has always
Attention, love, and love
She often you give to me
Until now still in the minds of my mind

Not I thought
Kebahagia’an so short that I think you
Now you go away, and you’re my hearts tinggalkn remorse
I’ve never bahagya’kan you

Drops of tears accompany your long sleep
Cried tears accompanied to the house last
I can only said goodbye dad
I hope you calm down at home last

I’m your son I love you
I will always be your son’s prayer you
I’m your son will always remember your advice
I will try to reach my goals
I promise that once you
I’ll try to be useful for families of children

I will be your father recalled
You’re a hero is my life


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